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Welcome to the Housing and Meal Plan Portal

LOGGING-IN: Please log-in using your UWRF Student ID starting with "w" and your password, then view the menu above to navigate to the applications and tools available to you at this time. If you cannot log-in, then change your password by visiting, wait one hour, then retry logging-in. 


Commuter Application Form:

Students who are eligible to commute from the home of their parent or legal guardian must submit a notarized Commuter Application Form to Res Life to do so. If you are eligible to commute, you will see a link to the Commuter Form on the web page that appears after logging-into this housing portal page.

Summer Housing:

See our Summer Housing web page.

George R. Field South Fork Suites (SFS) Waiting List:
(You must be eligible to live in SFS, and you must log-in and sign a housing contract, before requesting to be on the SFS Wait List)

Students seeking a SFS room must first sign a housing contract by logging-into this page and signing the contract, then must email to request to be on the SFS Wait List. When sending your email, include your Student ID. There is approximately a $500/semester additional cost for staying in a SFS room. No meal plan is required while living in this hall. There is no guarantee that your request for a SFS room will result in your receiving a SFS room - if one is not available for you, then you will be assigned to another hall. 

Jesse H. Ames Suites (Ames) Waiting List:
(You must be eligible to live in Ames, and you must log-in and sign a housing contract, before requesting to be on the Ames Wait List)

Students eligible to live in Ames may be added to the Ames waiting list by emailing If you are seeking a specific roommate to reside in Ames with you, specify this in your request - they must also be eligible to live in Ames, and they must also send an email requesting you as a roommate.

Single Room Waiting List:

Keeping your double occupancy room as a single room on-campus carries an additional cost of approximately $500/semester, and is available to students who have a vacant bed in their room after the semester begins. Students must contact their RA asking to sign an "Occupancy Status Change Form" to keep their room as a single room. For double occupancy rooms that have two vacant beds, you may request to be added to the Single Room Wait List to obtain one of these rooms as a single room on a first come first served basis by sending an email to You must be living on-campus to be on this waiting list. If an empty room becomes available, we will contact students on the Single Room Waiting List in date order of their request to coordinate a move to that vacant room. There is no guarantee that your request for a single room will result in your receiving a single room.


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